energy efficient home

Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

There’s a brisk chill in the air, and as we enter the month of December, we can’t deny it any longer: Winter is here. We had a tremendous fall–taking us back to the lovely weather the Kansas City area is typically known for during the autumn months. But now, even as the anticipation of the holidays fills our lives with excitement, we can’t help but wonder what the dreary winter months will bring. Are you ready? Is your home ready? Having an energy efficient home is vital to surviving the Kansas City winter temps, especially in January and February. We have some tips and tricks for you as you start preparing yourself for winter–and we have a special promotion for Duette shades that you won’t want to pass up!

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window coverings for your style

Window Shades for Your Style Personality

Decorating your house to feel like a home is one of the most important investments you can make. From colors that complement, to accents that enhance, you’ll love the way your home looks if it feels just right to you. The same goes for window shades. With the potential to add ambiance and style, along with energy efficiency and privacy, the benefits are endless. Which window shades are the right choice for you and your Kansas City area home? Let’s take a look at some window shades that might fit your style and personality traits, with some exclusive offers that fit your budget.

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