top down bottom up window coverings

Choose Top Down Bottom Up Window Coverings: Enhance Your Home & Your Life

You like options. Whether it’s where to go for dinner, which film to see, or which car to buy, it’s always better to have choices. If you have a say, you won’t get stuck with something you can’t stand. Do you have a say in the amount of natural light in your home, or is Mother Nature imposing herself on you? Do you feel pigeonholed into covering up a gorgeous view when you want a little more privacy? You might not know it, but you have options! Reclaim your power to choose with the versatility of top down bottom up window coverings!

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save your home from the summer heat

Our Top 3 Ways to Save Your Home from the Summer Heat

Are you enjoying your Summer? Packed with activities and filled with fun, we all have been having a great Summer in the Kansas City area. Are you ready for some relief? With the intensity of the sun in the Kansas City area, if you don’t have the right window coverings, you could be suffering. Don’t despair! Summer doesn’t have to ruin the atmosphere in your home. Our team, at One Stop Decorating, would love to help! Here are our top three choices to save your home from the Summer heat.

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