Having Window Problems? Take A Look Next Door.

Technology is everywhere today. And, with search engines right at our fingertips, it can be easy to just find answers on the go. But when you have questions about what’s best suited for your home, you might find that the best answers are right next door. Your neighbors hold the solutions when it comes to issues about your home. Why? It’s a no-brainer that you share the same street and neighborhood, you also share the same window problems. And, there’s a chance they’ve already solved them! Let’s take a look at the neighborhood buzz…

“Smart shades seem like the best solution for my home, but will they break the bank?”

Solve your window problems by getting the proper window treatment.

We’ve got good news! A common misconception is that smart shades are too expensive. But, as smart home technology has become commonplace, the pricing has become much more affordable. This is one of our top-asked questions, so you shouldn’t hesitate to find out more! With smart shades, home control is in your hands. As an added benefit, when you link them up with your smart home, you’ll have the capability to help regulate your home’s temperature, lighting and privacy. 

“I feel like my neighbors have a direct view into my kitchen–leaving me with little to no privacy.”

Get rid of your window problems with the right window covering.

No one wants to feel like they have no privacy in their own home. While it can seem sleek and contemporary to go without, you should see what’s new in window shades! And, with the latest features, you can have your privacy, natural light and enough control to create the perfect atmosphere–all at the same time! Top down shades give you the privacy and style you need by allowing light to naturally enter across the ceiling, 

“I love the way our floor to ceiling windows give us amazing light–and an even better view of our backyard–but the heat and glare are too much!”

Big windows can cause problems, solve them with the right window treatment.

While large windows can be an amazing feature, they can bring a lot of problems with them. Harsh lighting, persistent glare, and unavoidable heat are just a few issues caused by large windows. However, despite all these issues, with the proper window treatment large windows will no longer be a problem. Give our floor to ceiling solutions a try! With floor to ceiling window treatments, all the frustrations that come with big windows are suddenly gone.

We’re Here to Help You Solve Your Window Problems!

Let us help you make your Kanas City area home the best it can be. Whether it’s with glare issues or a need for privacy, our team at One Stop Decorating is here to help you solve your window problems. Contact us today for your FREE at-home consultation.