window treatments Kansas City

Fall Style: Rustic Decor & Window Treatments That Stun

The beautiful season of autumn is here–invite the warmth and richness of fall into your Kansas City area home with the latest design trend. Without question, rustic decor is enhancing the look and feel of homes with its shabby chic charm and stunning sophistication. Using pieces throughout your home, from furniture to window treatments–and everything in between, find your own way of inviting autumn in with this unique look. Colors, materials, textures and finishes combine for comfort and relaxation, setting the perfect atmosphere this fall.

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window coverings for your style

Window Shades for Your Style Personality

Decorating your house to feel like a home is one of the most important investments you can make. From colors that complement, to accents that enhance, you’ll love the way your home looks if it feels just right to you. The same goes for window shades. With the potential to add ambiance and style, along with energy efficiency and privacy, the benefits are endless. Which window shades are the right choice for you and your Kansas City area home? Let’s take a look at some window shades that might fit your style and personality traits, with some exclusive offers that fit your budget.

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top down bottom up window coverings

Choose Top Down Bottom Up Window Coverings: Enhance Your Home & Your Life

You like options. Whether it’s where to go for dinner, which film to see, or which car to buy, it’s always better to have choices. If you have a say, you won’t get stuck with something you can’t stand. Do you have a say in the amount of natural light in your home, or is Mother Nature imposing herself on you? Do you feel pigeonholed into covering up a gorgeous view when you want a little more privacy? You might not know it, but you have options! Reclaim your power to choose with the versatility of top down bottom up window coverings!

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before and after window coverings

Before and After Window Coverings: See the Dramatic Transformation


The light in your home affects the way you live, and everything inside. In the Kansas City area, we know that the massive amount of rain we all experienced during the month of June put a damper on our lives. As adults, we also realize that too much of a good thing can cause just as many problems. Sunshine – we love it. But is it playing havoc in your home? Experience the transformation of before and after window coverings that bring in the beauty of natural light to brighten your mood, but take away the frustration of direct light.


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Room makeover

Energize Summer Vacation with a Room Makeover!

Your kids have been enjoying summer vacation for a few weeks – even in spite of our rain-soaked June, and now is about the time that Summer boredom sets in. Without the normal structure of the school day, what are they to do?!?! It’s time to jazz up Summer vacation with a room makeover that will keep them busy and having fun from beginning to end! Every child wants a bedroom unique to their own interests and personality, but as the parent, you know function is important, too! And you want to pick features that will last. Here are some tips for a successful room makeover to energize your child’s Summer vacation here in the Kansas City area.

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The Ultimate Control: Introducing PowerView

The future of automation is finally here. Introducing PowerView, the latest innovation in motorized window shades from Hunter Douglas. New features and accessories come together for the ultimate in ease and convenience for your Kansas City area home. From dramatic scenes to invaluable features, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


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